No-Heat No-Hassle Curls || Hair Tutorial

I have had lots of requests for my No-Heat No-Hassle Curling method and I am so excited to finally sit down and share with you all!??? If you are like me, you have about 5 1/2 minutes to get your hair done on an average morning. This 5 1/2 minutes leaves very little time to pull out the curling irons and heat them up, let along curl your hair.  The average rollers or foam curlers leave me with a literal headache and lack of sleep! A few years ago I finally found a curling method that was heat, hassle, and pain free and can be done in just about 5 minutes. I actually will very often wear the curling updo(see picture 5) that produces the curls all throughout the day as it’s a super cute vintage look and then I will have fun healthy curls on day two! So, how about a step by step picture tutorial of my No-Heat No-Hassle curling technique? ✨

What you will need:

  • 1 Stretch Katherine Headwrap! I prefer the Stretch Velvet Katherine as it grips the hair wonderfully and keeps the hair safely tucked inside until you’re ready to release the curl.
  • A few bobby pins (I will only usually need 4-6)
  • Hairspray (completely optional)
  • A hairbrush

Helpful tips before starting:
-I do this curling method with my hair clean but about 96% dry. If your hair drys quickly after a shower, you may want to have it slightly more damp but not wet.
-My hair is naturally very silky in texture and and straight. I’ve found if I want to curl my hair, the best way for it to hold a curl is to NOT use conditioner and to blow dry. This removes excess moisture and allows the hair to hold a firmer longer lasting curl!
-I do smaller strands of hair to produce a curlier look but if you are looking for larger curls, do larger portions of hair each twist.

Let’s get started:

  1. ) Brush hair thoroughly, make sure your hair is parted as desired, and evenly divide hair in 2 equal portions(doesn’t have to be perfect just close :) ).  I will lay both portions over each shoulder to keep them separated! Clasp Katherine’s Stretch Velvet Headband around the head  just like you would wear a crown. Katherine Headband should be folded into about 1 inch thick band!
  2. ) Begin tightly twisting the first portion of your hair around the Headband starting at the top of your forehead working your way down to the base of the neck. With each twist grab a little more hair, firmly wrapping around the headband until you have woven all your hair from the first portion around 1/2 the headband and the end of that portion of hair is tucked in. Hair should end half way in the center of the nape/base of your neck! Repeat with 2nd the other side!
  3. Using bobby pins, firmly secure any loose ends at the base of the neck. If I am wearing this curling method/hairstyle throughout the day, I also secure with bobby pins near the ears to give the hairdo a slight lift.
  4. Spray with hairspray if desired! This will help the hair hold it’s curl better once it’s down.
  5. Leave in curling updo overnight!
  6.  Day 2. Remove all bobby pins, unclasp Katherine Stretch Velvet Headband, and gently shake hair out releasing the headband and revealing the curls. Do not use a hair brush for this portion. I will just gently massage the scalp and curls with my fingers to loosen!
  7. Enjoy!

Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”
Proverbs 31:30