Cecily’s Cozy Red Heather Sweater Wrap


A breathtaking anniversary collection just right for the season! Stretch Cecily’s covering features convertible styling! Wear fully extended as a medium-length headcovering or bunched for a flattering Headband style. Clasp Closure offers easy on/off wear and a seamless, finished look! Soft Comfort and versatility meets style that is Timeless, Flattering and Feminine!

  • Clasp Closure
  • Approximately 9 inches wide
  • Pictured in Heather Maple Sweater


Cecily style Headcoverings, stretch, clasp closure, convertible design, wear fully extended for mid-length headcovering or bunched into headband style

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Aubergine Rose, Caramel Floral Sweater, Deepest Maple, Plum Sweater, Heather Red Sweater, Caramel Floral Sweater