Katherine’s Soft Plum Lace Simple Elegance Hairwrap


A breathtaking collection has arrived featuring hairwraps made from the loveliest vintage inspired materials finished with stunning versatile laces and trim. Wear fully extended for fuller coverage or simply fold under for a narrow headband style. Finished with thin tie closures in soft velvet for a comfortable, custom fit. Lovely enough for special occasions, but oh so fitting for every day. Flattering, feminine and truly unique.

  • Tie Closure
  • Approximately 4.5” wide
  • Pictured in Soft Plum Lace


Katherine style trimmed headbands, and tie closure.  Additional Details:

  • Mocha Chiffon 5”
  • Velvet Impressions Chiffon 5”
  • Cappuccino Roses 4.5”
  • Black Elegance5”
  • Forest Elegance 5”
  • Crème Brule Velvet 3.5
  • Soft Plum lace 6.5”
  • Charcoal 4”
  • Soft white 4.5”
  • Cranberry Lace 3.75
  • Ruched slate 4”

Additional information


Mocha Chiffon, Velvet Impressions chiffon, Cappuccino Roses, Black Elegance, Forest Elegance, Crème Brule velvet, Soft Plum lace, Charcoal, Soft White, Cranberry Lace, Ruched Slate