Meg’s Winter Slate Convertible Holiday Stylers


Not only May your convertible styler be worn to smoothly fill out your favorite snoods! Lovely back wrap and unique design allow for wear under any of your favorite Garlands of Grace styles! Achieve a polished finished look in minutes by simply tucking hair into back hair pocket and layering with your favorite hairwrap. Hair will hold weightlessly under your favorite coverings while upper band adds extra GRIP to prevent shifting with extra strength. Endless styling possibilities. Minimal Effort. Maximum stay put grip for one look that is timeless, flattering and feminine.

•Effortless hairstyling in minutes!
•Wear with any of your favorite hairwraps!
•Upper Band adds maximum Stay Put GRIP to your style.
•Patent Pending



No-Slip headcovering volumizer and styler, convertible design, comfortable fit

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Charcoal Stripes, Silver Stripes, Maroon Velvet, Winter Slate, Espresso Lace, Mocha Sparkle