Suzanne’s Appalachian Trailride Headcovering


Garlands of Grace Classic Suzanne’s Trailride Headcovering has arrived in a lovely collection featuring rich yet neutral colors and cozy sweaterknits just right for the cooler months ahead! Suzanne’s headcoverings features a longer, graceful length, traditional rounded back styling, and tie closures for a comfortable, custom fit! Wear fully extended or slightly tucked for a medium-length hair wrap style. Streamlined design has been paired with soft fabrics to offer the best drape and most flattering fit. Stay put lining has been added to keep your head wrap from slipping as you ride this season’s trails!

  • Tie Closure
  • Stay Put Lining added!
  • Approximately 14 inches long
  • Pictured in Plaid Sweater


Long Suzanne Stretch Headcoverings, modern Hanging prayer veil design, Convertible, Tie Closure, No Slip Lining added, approximately 14 inches fully extended

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Appalachian Plum Floral, Plaid Sweater, Gold Velvet, Dusty Plum, Frosted Forest Green, Black floral velvet