Headcovering styles!

Here at GarlandsOfGrace.com, we offer a variety of Hairwraps, Headcoverings, prayer veils, and Headbands! With a great selection of Headcovering styles, it’s time for you to get to know the Headwraps offered!

Katherine’s Headwrap Style!

thinner headband headcovering style

Our Katherine’s Classic Headwrap style is our thinner Hairwrap measuring between 3-5 inches wide! Our Katherine style Headbands are offered in a variety of cottons, stretchKnit, and lace. Timeless, flattering and feminine!

Cecily’s Headwrap Style!

Medium Length Stretch Headcovering Chemo Scarf style

Our Cecily Headwrap style is our Mid-length Covering measuring approximately 9.5 inches wide! The Cecily headcoverings are convertible and can be worn in a thinner headband style or as a fully extended headcovering. Offered in a variety of prints, solids, lace, StretchKnits, etc.!

Suzanne Headcovering Style!

Long Prayer Veil Style Headcovering Chemo Scarf style

Our Suzanne Headcovering is our longer lenth covering style measuring approximately 14.5 inches in length! The Suzanne Headcoverings features a traditional, slightly rounded back edge with a modern, streamline fit. Truly elegant!

Garland’s Cowl Headwrap Style!

Long Tichel Convertible  Headcovering Chemo Scarf style

Our Cowl Headwrap offers more than one way to wear this style making it a customer favorite! The Cowl style may be worn long for a full-coverage headwrap, tucked for a snood style, folded for medium length covering, or bunched into a headband style! At 18 inches fully extend, this style is our longest Headcovering style. Cowl Headcoverings are offered in an array of fun prints, solids, lace, and more!

Meg’s Snood Style!

Full Coverage Snood Headcovering style

Our Meg’s Victorian inspired Snood Covering is oh so simple, yet oh so lovely and comfortable. Flattering style with tie closure for a comfortable, custom fit. Meg’s Snood Headcoverings offer full coverage, completely encasing the hair!

-Please refer to individual listings for specific headwrap details regarding closure type, no-slip lining, and material!

Whether you are purchasing from Garlands of Grace for fashion, modern 1 Corinthians 11 headcoverings, chemo and hairloss wraps, etc., we strive to provide quality timeless pieces for the glory of God that will be enjoyed for many wears to come! Made in the USA