Meg’s StayPut Snood Styler


(patent pending)

Wear Meg’s Snood Styler under your favorite snoods to effortlessly create a polished snood look that stays in place! Meg’s Essential Styler features an upper headband that keeps covering from shifting. Easily tuck hair into back hair pocket for a quick and comfortable hairdo. Hair will hang weightlessly while smoothly filling out your snood in the most flattering way! Comfortable, Effortless, Stay Put snood style achieved!

•Styles hair comfortably for flattering and effortless Snood wear!
•Design Keeps Covering from slipping with Maximum Strength!
•May also be worn with Garlands of Grace Cowl style!


Meg’s Snood Styler, Design Keeps Snood style HeadCovering from slipping with Maximum Strength!

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Cream, Auburn, Black, SIlver