My volumizer came today!

Sweet feedback from customers is always so appreciated here at Garlands of Grace! ? We have loved hearing how the Garlands of Grace STAYPUT Volumizers and Headbands are working for you all and the below testimony was such a huge blessing. Shyra writes:

“My volumizer came today! I wore it all day with a covering that I normally have to pin on both sides and the underneath. Not only did I not need to pin it at all, but I didn’t have to adjust it once!!! ????? This volumizer is a serious game changer! Thank you for yet another beautifully made product!” Shyra W.

Praise the Lord. Such an answer to our prayers as we strive to diligently design and create each product to bless the customer! ?? Thank you so much, Shyra. Shyra purchased the Garlands of Grace StayPut Volumizer in Brown! Created to add flattering volume and keep your coverings from slipping with it’s Maximum STAYPUT grip. Order yours StayPut Volumizers and Headbands today!

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”
John 3:30